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June 14

Day 1
Why We Get High

Psychopharmacology, from the pursuit of pleasure to the treatment of pain, from lifestyle choice to end of life decisions.

  • Nicholas V. Cozzi

  • Neil Heinen Moderator

  • John Herman

  • Bill Linton

  • Ken Robbins

A Brief History of Madison

An over-view of the city of Madison, the University of Wisconsin and their ongoing pas de duex.

  • Roberta Gassman Moderator

  • Stuart Levitan

Peter Pan and Virginia Woolf

Madison's radical theater tradition

  • Michael Goldberg Moderator

  • Dennis Paoli

  • Howard Waxman

Tikkun Olam

Why Madison was a magnet for the Jewish Diaspora during the 20th century.

  • Hasia Diner

  • Tony Michaels

  • Jonathan Pollack

  • Hannah Rosenthal Moderator



Freedom Riding

Personal memoirs

  • Paul Breines

  • Stuart Ewen

  • Gwen Gillon

  • Paul Higginbotham Moderator

Ecstasy and the Meaning of the Blues

The neurological connection between altered states and digging the music

  • Daniel Levitin

  • Ben Sidran Moderator

The Raindance Experience

Experimental video

  • Laurie Beth Clark Moderator

  • Ira Schneider

The Legacy of George Mosse

  • Paul Breines

  • Hasia Diner

  • John Tortorice Moderator

  • David Ward

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir

  • Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir

June 15

Day 2
How You Travel Is Who You Are

On the road

  • Tim Cahill

  • Peter Greenberg

  • Doug Moe Moderator

Telling Stories

How the tales we tell were shaped by the Madison we knew; a writers' workshop

  • Ann Lauterbach

  • Scott Spencer

  • Anne Strainchamps Moderator

  • Peter Straub

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

How music kept them alive in Vietnam

  • Doug Bradley

  • John Nichols Moderator

  • Craig Werner

Talking Harvey Goldberg

  • Jane Brotman

  • Joe Elder Moderator

  • Allen Ruff

  • Ben Sidran

  • Marty Tandler



The Day of DOW

  • Jane Brotman

  • Stuart Ewen

  • Matt Rothschild Moderator

  • Paul Soglin

Roots of the Women’s Movement

  • Rena Steinzor

  • Margery Tabankin

  • Sue Zaeske Moderator

The Beginning of the LGBT Movement

  • Kathleen Nichols

  • Dick Wagner

Civil Rights, Social Justice and the Law

Sixty years later, the story that won't go away

  • Ismael Ozanne

  • Lester Pines Moderator

  • Dean Strang



What's so Funny About Madison?

The Comedy Connection

  • Jim Abrahams

  • Andrew Bergman

  • Ben Karlin Moderator

Capturing the Truth: Documentary Films

  • Peter Gilbert

  • Vance Kepley Moderator

  • Errol Morris

William Appelman Williams, Studies on the Left and Radical America

  • Paul Buhle Moderator

  • Fred Ciporen

  • Ron Radosh

The War at Home

  • Frank Emspak

  • Glenn Silber

  • Evan Stark


Bob Levis' experimental 1968 film featuring Del Close.

June 16

Day 3
Searching for the Maharishi Within

The radical nature of compassion

  • Richie Davidson

  • Steve Paulson Moderator

Earth Day

The Legacy of Gaylord Nelson and its origins in the social protest movement of the '60s

  • Kathleen Falk

  • Ron McCrea Moderator

  • Tia Nelson

Conscientious Objection

Not in my name

  • David Feingold

  • Chris Gargan

  • Scott Herrick

  • John Parfrey

  • Jerry Rousseau

  • Ron Schutz

The Politics of Resentment

Looking for the Wisconsin Idea in the idea of Wisconsin

  • Katherine Cramer

  • Paul Soglin Moderator

The State of the 4th Estate

  • Lowell Bergman

  • Walt Bogdanich

  • Jeff Greenfield Moderator

  • David Maraniss

Twenty Questions:

Open mic.

  • Jesse Samberg

Radical Pedagogy

The TAA strike, The Teach In and the Black Students Strike

  • Paul Buhle Moderator

  • Jackie DiSalvo

  • Joe Elder

  • Christine George

  • Ann Gordon

  • Gerald Lenoir

  • Herb Lewis

Growing Up Madison

MoveOn, Upworthy and the Makers Movement. The 60s roots of today's social movements

  • Kaleem Caire

  • Anat Shenker Osorio

  • Leo Sidran Moderator

  • Ben Wikler

What's Left of the Wisconsin Idea

  • Russ Feingold

  • Barbara Lawton

  • Tom Loftus

  • David Maraniss Moderator

The Daily Cardinal

  • Walt Bogdanich Moderator

  • Peter Greenberg

  • Jeff Greenfield

  • Steven Reiner

  • Rena Steinzor

  • Allen Swerdlowe

How UW Science Changed the World

DNA, stem cells, Warfarin and Vitamin D

  • John Wiley

Beyond Zap: The History of the Graphic Novel

Serious reading for the child in us all

  • Paul Buhle

  • Nick Thorkelson

  • Dave Wagner Moderator

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